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Bruunshaab Gl. Papfabrik
Welcome to Bruunshaab Old Cardboard Factory

Here you are able to study one of the few working factory museums in Denmark in words, sound and pictures.

Situated in scenic surroundings close to Viborg, the place is a unique piece of industrial history with plenty of good experiences for both children and adults.

This site will take you on an electronic tour of the factory.

Enjoy yourself!


The museum

At the factory you will find a museum filled with old memories from the days when the factory was at its height.
At the museum you can follow the history through the years and sense the alternating happy and rough times for the people who worked there.
Furthermore, you can see old machines no longer in use and stationary from the times when an arithmetic book was about arithmetic. During the war, the factory was used for producing ration books as well as cardboard, which was embossed in such a way that it resembled leather.
You are able to see and follow the history of the family who built and founded the factory.
At the factory there is also a class-room which is used during the guided tours to show films about the factory and its history.

En lille film om papfabrikken